What Day Is It?

Now that everyone in this house works for Shoprite (Mick is finishing his last delivery driver training today) the days of the week and their traditional functions are moot. We have no weekends because none of us gets two days off in a row, nor are those off days guaranteed to be on Saturday and Sunday. Well, one of mine is. I do NOT work Sundays. Sebastian’s days off rotate because his department is so small it’s tough to keep to a regular schedule that serves everybody, so they doe-see-doe around to accommodate doctor’s appointments, class schedules, and Life in general. Mick is now a wild card also. Technically he was hired to work the 4-9 shift but the drivers cover things in a needs-be patchwork too.


The family dinner is a thing of the past.

family dinner

Oddly, I mind this more than I thought I would. Since moving into this house we’ve ALWAYS had dinner in the dining room. No distractions. No electronics. That ritual of food, talk, and togetherness was lovely. (BTW, we’re not fancy, my kitchen is just too small to have a table.) Even at the old house family dinner was expected. How many were eating was always up for grabs, but the table was set and the cooking done to include any and all. This atheist finds the communal breaking of bread and sharing of our days almost a holy thing. A touchstone and an anchor in an increasingly fractured and divided world, our family dinners provided continuity and cohesion. Shared jokes. Shared values and expectations. Heck, even how to set a table and eat with manners was a constant. Always administered gently, my dinner table has never been a rigid place with the day’s crimes reported and the lessons slapped on with a stiff trowel. I’ve taught my sons that manners weren’t a scorecard, they are a kindness. The ‘correct’ fork isn’t important, being an appreciative eater and an interesting helpful guest is.

And now thanks to theĀ capriciousness of the retail schedule the family dinner here at Casa Sage is history.


And doesn’t that suck?


Nostalgic, ~LA


Thanksgiving-Norman-Rockwell-Freedom-From-Want (1)


2 thoughts on “What Day Is It?

  1. That does suck. I love our family dinners. Oh I do battle with my husband over our differing childhood dinner experiences, his a children will be seen and not heard manners taught with a stick and mine a raucous sharing of day, singing, laughing and such. We are currently compromised, each of us reminding the other when lines are crossed but in a fairly gentle way. We at least agree that family dinners are a must. My folks add so much, despite their lack of manners from time to time. My son will be richer for the experience. It is hard to let go but when the kid is grown I imagine my husband and I may return to our watch a movie while dining habit from before the kid came along. Look at it this way maybe, holiday family dinners will be made more special and the event more satisfying in the making. From one atheist to another, I wish you Peace.

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  2. I’m sorry your regular family dinners are going on the wayside for now. Hopefully, your schedules will get more coordinated so you can enjoy them again. At least the holidays should be fun. Glad you are all working and I hope you have a great holiday.

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