A Snowy Night and a Meme

A dear friend and one of my longest tenured pixel pals did this and I HAD to do it too. (Btw, you should visit my dear one’s shop and buy her lovely soaps. Sorry if this isn’t a hot link, WP confuses me. It sure ain’t D-land.)

Anyhoodle, y’all know me and memes. Irresistible. Especially on a snowy night after a chaotic day at work. The weather made many people anxious- including the department manager and several dozen hysterical clients whose deliveries were moved, rescheduled, and otherwise jostled because of the crappy weather. Feels like I’ve done nothing but soothe upset folk all day long. I know the current department manager is not long for the job. She’s a terrific person but ill equipped for the position. I do mind the chaos, but I mind a stranger coming in from another store even more. I’d take over the position myself but going full-time and agreeing to management training means they’re allowed to ship me off to ANY store. Seriously. Like Maryland. Or Ohio. No. Especially since I’ve gotten to know a new transfer from another store and the stories I’ve heard from her confirm every ugly suspicion I held about the other ShopRites. They are NOT my ShopRite. Our new ninja has worked for the company for 20 years and is totally gobsmacked by how friendly, welcoming, helpful, and all around nice everyone is at our place. Employees and customers both. I had her giggling at break time telling her about the ‘Don’t Be an Asshole’ pledge and how our #1 rule is ‘Kill ’em with Kindness’. Those might not be actual dictates issued by corporate, but they are words we live by nonetheless.

Onward to the meme.

1. What was last thing you drank? A beer, believe it or not. Not a whole beer, just a few healthy glugs from the Rolling Rock tallboy I was braising the pot roast in. While it was cold that ordinary cheap brew tasted like Heaven. I’d just gotten home and it was icy from being in the back of the fridge. Yum. A couple hours later it was warm and boring and not worth finishing. Meh.

2. Where was your profile picture taken? At the salon. I’d just gotten a haircut and wanted pics to use as a guide next time.

3. Worst pain? Emotionally? Knowing I’ve hurt others and let them down. Physically? Kidney stones/infections. Relentless pain. Makes me shrieky and mean.

4. Favorite places to eat? Diners. We are diner people. I’ve never found diners like ours outside of the tri-state area. Other parts of the country have luncheonettes. And cafes. And even places called ‘diners’. But they are not our diners. No disrespect to your hometown eateries. Even if it’s a DQ.  Where you get your fries and your drunk food and go for weekend breakfast is insanely personal, I dig it. Our local diners are simply a species unto themselves. Far removed from their chromed railroad car origins our diners are luxe. 24 hour palaces with acres of booths and gaudy ceiling fixtures and menus that have EVERYTHING. Fabulous food served in gargantuan portions at unbeatable bargain prices. I luuuuuurve diners and they are a hefty part of the reason I never want to live outside the Hudson Valley ever, ever again. Having lived away I know that without diners one cannot get scampi, poached eggs and rye toast, and goulash at 3:00 am on demand. YAY diners!

5. How late did you stay up last night? 11:00. I usually go to bed around then, at least on work nights. I know older people are supposed to require less sleep but so far since Sebastian graduated high school and has been in charge of his time I’ve found my body absolutely craves 8-9 hours a night. If undisturbed I can sleep for 14-16 hours on my days off. This is a far cry from the anxious, broken short sleep I’d gotten for the previous 30+ years. Autistic children + Aspie incompetent husband + job/responsibilities = perpetually sleep-deprived LA. Nowadays I revel in sleep. My bed is a womb. A memory-foam padded, pillow-topped, 400 thread count haven of nocturnal bliss.

6. What kind of car do you drive? I drive a Nissan Rogue. It’s my second Rogue. The first was a swanky up market one with many (but not all) upgrades. I loved my first Rogue. I loved its bubble shape and its champagne colored paint. Because it came with I discovered Sirius radio and have become a devotee. This newer Rogue is beefier and it’s painted an aggressive gunmetal grey. It’s a baseline model and I don’t think the build-quality is the same (there’s A LOT of window leak noise) but overall when the lease is up on this one I will probably lease a 2019 (2020?) model. I like the Rogues because they are a good size. Small and light enough to get 32+ gas mileage but large enough not to be scared or feel dwarfed in traffic. I’d driven iconic and seriously cool ass cars all of my life. Vintage Mustangs, VW Beetles and Buses. Jeeps, Broncos, a Trans-Am. I did my time with “Holy shit! Didja see that?” cars. Rogues are nicely anonymous. Just one more Mom car among the herd. It’s peaceful not to be leading a parade of one anymore.

7. Who took your profile pic? My hairdresser. Hazel is a good cutter. Not especially inspired or creative, but I can count on her to give me the cut I ask for. And she works at the salon in the same plaza as the store. Easy enough to clock out and toddle on down to the salon on Wednesdays. (Wash and cut special. I adore having my hair washed.)

8. What’s your favorite season? Fall. After the long brutal summer I am soooo happy to have crisp temps and breezy golden days! I love sweaters and having the tip of my nose be chilly and bright shouts of color from the leaves and the smell of apples and watching the squirrels bury their treasures. And yet, I have feelings for the other seasons too. Even horrible, melty, stinky summer. In the summer there’s fireworks. And swap meets. And farmer’s markets. Spring? How gorgeous is it when those first warm nights come on and the whole world drips and runs with water freed from its ice prison? And peepers? Their homely song inspires deep breaths and stopping to just be for a minute or two. Winter. Sure, it can be a trial and a slog. But there are the holidays. Lights, white twinkle lights and jewel-colored extravaganzas. Everyone is a little happier and wherever you go someone wishes you the compliments of the season. Maybe I’m getting old, but I can find reasons to enjoy just about anything.

9. If you could change your profession? Nope. I genuinely, honestly like what I do. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t pay much. I have to wear a dopey shirt. But I provide a service. I get to use all my skills. I am useful. I am knowledgeable. I am reassuring. I get to discuss cooking. I can help customers save money. What’s not to like?

10. Favorite childhood TV show? My immediate impulse is to say ‘The Brady Bunch’ and be done with it. I do and will always love the Brady Family. Their weekly (and rerun) stories about such innocent stuff helped me through a truly ugly time in my life. Scarring and one that echoed for decades. The Brady’s made my life less awful. But honestly? I adored police procedurals. Why? Well, for one thing the bad guys ALWAYS got caught. And punished. For someone like me who had no fairness or justice I liked that at least SOMEBODY got theirs, even if they were fictional. Plus, with procedurals sometimes it came to a shoot-out, but mostly the crimes were solved with brains. Another gratifying thing for me, the one always being mocked and punished for being brainy.

11. The thing you are most afraid of? Finding out for certain that I’ve never helped anyone. To go to my death knowing I’d never taught something that made someone’s life better. Or given affection to someone at their ragged end. Or not even that dramatic, I just want to have made a difference toward the good. Finding out the sum of my life has been to the negative…no, I couldn’t bear it.

12. If you could travel anywhere? Now that I’ve actually (FINALLY!) gone across the Atlantic Ocean and trotted around England I think I’d like to go somewhere that English is not the native language. Yeah, yeah, I’ve been to Mexico, but only to the gringo resort places like Tex-Mex border towns and Cancun. I’ve yet to be somewhere that doesn’t give a warm crap about speaking English to make a buck. To totally rely on my ability to communicate sans common language would be cool. Tiring and more than a little frightening, but cool.

13. Favorite animal? See, this is too vague. Favorite animal for what? To eat? Pigs. I like eating pigs. Their meat produces some of my favorite things. Sausage. Pork chops. Bacon. To look at? Horses. I like watching horses. I like watching them work. The Budweiser Clydesdale team. Central Park carriage horses. At the track at Aqueduct. Circus horses with sparkly acrobats on their backs. For companionship? I like cats. Dogs remind me too much of myself. Slobbering, grateful things doing tricks and not minding if they’re foolish and laughed at. Blech. Cats? Cats will always demand what they want and make no concessions or apologies. I am trying to be more cat-like in my attitude.

And that, my friends, is today’s meme.



Thanks, Michelle. This was fun.


Borrow, steal, copy, whatev. You write, I’ll read, ~LA


2 thoughts on “A Snowy Night and a Meme

  1. I adore your meme-fest! Alas, I live in a diner-less part of the world. The closest approximation is Golden Corral, which is a buffet. Good food, luckily, but a diner it ain’t. Your diner experiences sound marvelous.

    Having just been scalped in lieu of a haircut today, I’m a wee bit jealous of your photo. You’re lovely anyway, so add to that the cute profile image and I’m officially wondering how far your stylist would travel to cut my hair :/

    Liked by 1 person

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